Oil & Gas

Our staff is experienced in the offshore and onshore oil & gas industry, previously worked on board in HR departments of leading oil & gas companies, as well as recruiters. Those experiences giving them the insight and knowledge to understand client’s recruitment needs.

EEU PARTNERS’ managers since 15 years recruit for the oil & gas projects across Central Asia, Europe and Middle East for the leading companies like Shell, Exxon Mobile, Saipem, Sicim, ConocoPhillips, NCOC, NPCOC, Agip, Lotos, Max Steicher, Techfem, Bapco, Saudi Aramco.

We deliver worldwide across the upstream and downstream sectors, from skilled workers to high qualified and experienced engineers.

Our exceptional service is based on years of experience with a real focus on providing a cost efficient service that is both compliant and safe. We work in partnership with our clients, ensuring we understand their needs and find a solution that fits them.


Due to climate change in the world, the transformation to a climate-neutral economy is urgent.

Renewable power is booming, as innovation brings down costs and starts to deliver on the promise of a clean energy future.
Wind and solar are powering a clean energy revolution.
Investments in solar panels and wind turbines require specialized personnel for such construction.

EEU PARTNERS havs the proper candidates from engineers of HSE, welding, coating and electrical etc. to technicians as electricians, fitters and welders.
All our candidates have the required certificates.


EEU PARTNERS cooperates with construction companies in the field of industrial and civil construction.

We hire all levels of technical, managerial and supervisory personnel across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Skilled and unskilled workers teams we can provide as manpower or secondment service.


Due to the serious shortage of professional drivers on the EU and UK market, EEU PARTNERS offers our experienced candidates to transport and logistics companies.
We have the following categories:
C + E (2-6 axel)
C + D
All our candidates speak English.


One of the reasons for the development of warehouse centers is the rapid development of e-commerce.

As a result, there is a need to increase the logistics space, and thus the number of employees.

To meet the needs of warehouse centers, we have created a database of candidates ready to work in a shift system.

We have also candidates with the forklift operator certificate.


EEU Partners recruit worldwide the full spectrum of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and healthcare executives, across all grades and specialties.

Our candidates are English, English-German or French speaking.

Since 6 years our recruiters have high score of recruiting medical staff. Our candidates – Consultants, Specialists and nurses are working at hospitals in Germany, UK, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Our primary objective is the health and wellbeing of the ultimate beneficiary of our service: THE PATIENT! Only highly qualified medical staff can ensure the appropriate quality of medical services and patient care.

Each assignment is unique, and we treat it with respect and discretion.

Every solution is designed in a bespoke way and specifically tailored to our client needs and requirements. We do not have one size fits all. We deploy all our specialist healthcare knowledge, expertise and networks to serve our clients better.

Our services include consultancy on every aspect of every recruitment assignment including assisting with international transfers and post placement support.

We guarantee verification of candidates’ qualifications and references.

Having the right medical professional is essential to providing high level patient.